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Sport for Development (S4D): Plan, Act, Grow

About the Courses

The idea of using sports as a tool for development is relatively new but time-tested. It is currently playing a significant role in numerous humanitarian and development projects across the globe. The Sports for Development (S4D) sector has been an extremely positive and exciting addition to the field of development as well as the sports industry.

In collaboration with UNESCO New Delhi and PRIA International Academy, PSD has developed online courses on S4D. The courses are geared towards practitioners, government officials, policymakers, social workers, sports trainers and researchers who have limited insight into S4D but are interested in building their knowledge and capacity to integrate sport-based approaches within their overall development frameworks.



Course Structure

Module 1: Introduction to Sport for Development (S4D)

  • What is S4D?
  • S4D and the SDGs
  • Global impact of S4D

Module 2: S4D Policy and Strategy

  • S4D and its functions within various government policies
  • S4D as a theme in global policies relating to peace and sustainability
  • S4D strategies within transnational organisational policies and frameworks

Module 3: S4D Programme Designing, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Creating a Theory of Change (TOC) specific to S4D
  • Designing sustainable and effective S4D programmes
  • Appropriate monitoring and evaluation systems as part of S4D programmes

Module 4: S4D & Gender

  • Understanding Gender & Socialisation
  • Perpetuation of gender norms through sports
  • Prevention of sexual harassment and violence in sports
  • Challenging socialisation & gender norms through S4D approaches with adolescent girls & boys
  • Promoting leadership and other opportunities for girls through S4D approaches

Module 5: Growth of S4D

  • Advocacy for S4D
  • Funding landscape in S4D
  • Future of S4D
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