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    Pro Sport Development International (PSD Int’l) is a social enterprise based in the UK, dedicated to using sport for the holistic development of young people. Through our sports programs, we engage with children and youth, especially girls and youth from marginalised and vulnerable communities, to build their soft skills and boost their potential. Currently, PSD Int’l has a presence across several states in India.

    We focus on the following core activities:

    • Sport for development programs for children and youth.
    • Training programs and workshops for individuals and organisations who deliver sports programs for children and youth.
    • Tailored management and technical support services for organisations working with children and youth.

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    Community Sports Program

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    The Community Sports Program (CSP) is currently being implemented in Bhubaneswar, India and serves children from low-income and marginalised backgrounds. Using a specially designed curriculum, the programs supports the children’s holistic development through sports by teaching soft skills which build their confidence and self-esteem and boost their academic learning. There is a special emphasis on the participation of girls, and on teaching the children to work in mixed- gender teams.

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    Kadam Badhato Chalo (KBC)

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    Kadam Badhate Chalo (KBC), which literally means ‘Keep Moving Forward’ is a youth-led program which works to end violence against women and girls (VAWG) across 14 states in India. It calls upon young boys and girls to identify issues of VAWG in their communities and to collectively find solutions to them. Sports-based interventions are utilised within the KBC framework to facilitate interaction between boys and girls and question gender stereotypes.

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